Monday, July 20, 2015

Shabby Chic Table Runner

I've been on the hunt for a table runner for my dinning room farm table for quite sometime. While shopping with my mother, we came across a burlap runner with dollies and buttons on it. I fell in love with it until I flipped over the price tag. To my dismay it cost over eighty dollars. We continued shopping and I looked at it one last time before leaving the store.  I had dreams about that runner after saying goodbye at the store!! It haunted me that I didn't buy it.  Weeks later my mother told me she bought a burlap runner that had fringe at the ends.  She wanted to attempt to make me a similar table runner like the one we saw in the store. After a trip to Michael's and Ana's linens we had everything we needed to create this amazing shabby chic runner.

 Two of the dollies were handmade by my grandmother who lives in Mexico.  I'm a very lucky lady to have my mother incorporate them onto the runner. 

My mother used a variety of lace in the runner.  Some of the pieces are new and others are vintage. The vintage pieces were a surprise and definitely make the runner even more special.

Similar to the vintage pieces of lace, my mother had a collection of antique buttons she also sewed on. 

I got a little teary eyed when I saw the finished product. My mother went above and beyond creating this unique runner.  I love how our inspiration came from a purchase I missed out on and now the one I own is priceless. 

Make it Spicy and Shabby,

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