Monday, June 29, 2015

USA Candle Holders

The 4th of July is right around the corner! What better way to dress up your area than with this quick and easy craft?  American decor is always in style and these candle holders look great indoors and outdoors. They could also be used as vases, utensil holders, or fancy drinking cups.

-2 Hurricane vases 
-Blue stars and red stripes burlap ribbon 
was purchased from Wal-Mart
-Lace ribbon
-Multi purpose adhesive spray

Let's get crafty!
Start out by measuring and cutting the burlap ribbon to fit around the vase. Then lay the burlap ribbon out flat and spray it with the adhesive spray on the non-decorated side. Make sure you cover your table/surface with newspaper so you do not get any glue on it. The adhesive spray is very sticky and if you get it on your hands I recommend using hand sanitizer to remove it. My favorite technique is to lay the vase at the end of the ribbon and simply roll the vase (like a rolling pin). This will help insure the ribbon is straight and centered. 

I added lace ribbon to hide the seam. To finish off the candle holder I tied a white yarn ribbon around the vase. 

And there you go....  'Merica the land of the free and crafty! 

Made (spicy) in the USA,

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