Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wine Cork Garden Markers

When I started my garden from seeds last year, I decided I needed garden markers to locate where I placed everything.  The garden markers added a little decor to the boring dirt while waiting for my herbs grow.

All the items I used to make them were extra items I had in my kitchen. When I moved in with my boyfriend, it seemed like we had doubles of everything.  I've seen a lot of upcycled utencil projects and decided not to donate our extra set in hopes of using it in a project.  If you're a wine lover you would be dumb to throw away the corks because these are thousands of things you can make with them.

These makers were simple to make and they were inspired by a similar pinterest project. The hardest part of the project was sticking the fork into the cork but it's doable with some muscle.  Just be careful not to stab yourself!

My backyard is small but I wanted a place to grow herbs. I decided to make an above ground garden close to the patio to utilize the space. My father and I made it last summer and it's been working out great. 

Make it Spicy,