Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dollar Store Hanging Planter Redo

Let's turn a dollar store planter into a shabby chic planter.

I found the hanging planter and coco liner at Dollar Tree and only spent $2.00. I wanted to upgrade it to make it more fab and less plain. I had this glittery burlap ribbon in my arsenal of craft supplies and wanted to incorporate it.  Plus, glitter is messy so I was excited I could keep the glitter from tracking all over the house and use it outside.


Step 1:
I attached the ribbon to the planter by looping it through the top while going inside and outside the metal frame. To secure it to the top (and prevent it from moving) I used a small piece of twine to tie it to the top. Then I tied the ribbon into a bow.

Step 2:
To decorate the chain that holds the planter, I simply weaved ribbon through the chain. I tied the excess pieces on the top together to secure them.

Step 3:
The crystal prisms are from Antique Week and I got them for an amazing price of 80 cents each. I've seen some similar at Michael's. I love how they reflect in the sunlight. They also make the planter look like a fancy chandelier.

I like how it turned out after adding tri color pansies.  The best part is it was very inexpensive to make.

Make it Spicy,

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