Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Coffee Cup Planter

Spring is here in Texas, thank the lord! Nothing is more depressing than having to stay inside wrapped up in blankets. Warmer weather means porch season is almost here. One of my favorite summer time activities is sitting on a porch with a big-ol' margarita in my hand watching the outdoors.

For this project, I decided to make a succulent planter to place on my patio table.  Sharpies are being used to decorate just about everything these days, so I grabbed two of my boring white coffee cups (I think they're from Ikea) and wrote a cute saying on each of them.  I'm a big Beatles fan so I'm always happy when I can use part of their song lyrics in projects: "Here comes the Sun"

Succulents need proper drainage so I place several rocks at the bottom of the coffee cups. I slipped the small pots that the plants came in into the coffee cups and they fit perfect.

When I look outside there are two coffee cups waiting for good company and great stories to be shared.

Make it Spicy,

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