Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Coffee Cup Planter

Spring is here in Texas, thank the lord! Nothing is more depressing than having to stay inside wrapped up in blankets. Warmer weather means porch season is almost here. One of my favorite summer time activities is sitting on a porch with a big-ol' margarita in my hand watching the outdoors.

For this project, I decided to make a succulent planter to place on my patio table.  Sharpies are being used to decorate just about everything these days, so I grabbed two of my boring white coffee cups (I think they're from Ikea) and wrote a cute saying on each of them.  I'm a big Beatles fan so I'm always happy when I can use part of their song lyrics in projects: "Here comes the Sun"

Succulents need proper drainage so I place several rocks at the bottom of the coffee cups. I slipped the small pots that the plants came in into the coffee cups and they fit perfect.

When I look outside there are two coffee cups waiting for good company and great stories to be shared.

Make it Spicy,

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Walmart Beauty Box Review

If you haven't heard about the Walmart beauty box I'll fill you in. Four times a year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) Walmart will send you a box of cosmetic samples and you just pay $5 shipping.  I love getting stuff in the mail, especially beauty products, so I signed up immediately.  You can order online here

I previously had a subscription to birchbox and really liked it for the first couple of months. Then I started getting really random things like blue nail polish, bright red lipstick, and pink blush.  After having a hoarder amount of things I could not use, I cancelled the subscription.

Lets talk about what was in the spring Walmart box.

The Multi Use Samples:
-Full size Rimmel lash accelerator endless mascara
-Essence Ultime 1.7 oz Shampoo AND Conditioner (developed by Claudia Schiffer)
-Neutrogena healthy skin booster facial cleanser .5oz
-Dove go fresh body wash (mandarin & tiare flower scent)
-Lady Gaga Fame perfume 1.2 ml

Single use Samples:
-Nivea in-shower body lotion .31 oz
-Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + poreless foundation
-Garnier Ultra-Lift Miracle sleeping mask.

-$2.00 off and Garner Moisturizer
-$2.00 off Maybelline Fit Me! product
-$1.00 off Nivea in-shower body lotion
-$3.00 off any one Schwarzkopf Color Ultime or Keratin Color Hair Coloring product
-$2.00 off any one Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Hair care or styling product
-$2.00 off any L'oreal Paris cosmetic product purchase
-$2.00 off one Covergirl + Olay simply ageless foundation product

$14.00 in total savings

I have not tried any these products but plan of reviewing them in a later post. I'm most excited to try the Rimmel mascara, Dove go fresh body wash, and Nivea in-shower body lotion.  I may just have to grab a glass of wine and start a bubble bath because that's what high class ladies do when they get new goodies to try.

Overall, I think this is a wonderful way to try products for cheap. The Mascara alone was worth getting for $5 with shipping. Plus, you get high value coupons for a lot of the products you get to try. Comparing this to the $10 birch box, Birchbox only offers 5 samples and WBB offered 8 this time around.  Walmarts beauty box has products that can be purchased at the CVS, Walgreens, Target, and well duh Walmart. These products are not like some beauty boxes and products won't be found at upscale retailers like Sephora or Ulta. I like trying expensive brands, but the truth is, I'm not going to pay $30 for lotion.  I use to work as a beauty advisor for Lancome and Prescriptive. High end companies like Lancome are owned by other cosmetic companies like L'Oreal. Usually after they try new technology or products with the department store brands, you'll later see something similar in their less expensive brands down the line. I'd like to think that you are paying for the brand name not the product and I have no issue using grocery store makeup or beauty products.

*I was not paid to write this review and the opinions are my own. 

Make is Spicy and Beautiful,

Sunday, March 1, 2015

DIY Wine Box Bar

Diamonds Wine is a girl's best friend.

When I moved into my first home last year, I wanted to either have a bar or a beverage serving station.  Looking at the prices of bar carts and bars I was a little discouraged.  I was on a budget so I decided to try to find a piece to refinish. While shopping, I found wine boxes and decided that they had potential. I bought two for $10 each and I actually found the third box at Costco for free.  At this time I did not know what I was going to use them for. 

After stacking the boxes in the corner of my kitchen to use for display purposes, I decided that I could turn them into a wine bar. I wanted a rustic look and love dark wood.  I had left over stain in my garage and decided to stain the inside and keep the outside the original color to show the wine company and outside design.  Stain tends to run if you are not careful so make sure to tape off the areas you do not want the dark stain getting on.

Tip: When staining the inside of the boxes be very careful with the corners. Wine boxes are made for shipping, not a lifetime of use, and the stain with seep through the corners onto the outside of the box if you're not careful. Use a small amount of stain in the corners with a cloth.  If stain does show up on the outside, simply sand the stained parts down until the wood is a lighter shade.

On the top shelf I have a wine cork storage and a wine opener.  I love keeping wine corks for future projects.  

Currently, my wine boxes are not secured together. They're stacked on top of each other. I love my wine bar and have no intention of dissembling it anytime soon but I like the idea that I can reuse the boxes or move them around to change my decor.  *If you have children at home, I would recommend securing the boxes with wood glue or nailing them together for stability.

To hold the wine bottles horizontally: You can create this effect by using 4 inch pieces of crown molding and securing them with finishing nails in a zig zag pattern.  Alternate the pattern on the other side.  Leave enough room so that the bottom of wine bottle can fit.

Want to find wine boxes for free?

  • Ask liquor stores (that carry wine) if they have left over boxes. 
  • Membership stores like Sam's or Costco sometimes have them laying out by the wine.  Expensive wine is usually shipped in these types of boxes so they may not have them often.
  • Check antique stores. That is where I found two of mine for $10 each. 

Make it Spicy,

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