Friday, February 6, 2015

I Sent Buddy A Birthday Card... You should to!

Happy Friday! I read this story on Yahoo recently about a terminally Ill child named Buddy.  His 9th birthday is coming up on February 11th and all he wants is to get letters and stickers in the mail.  He could have wished for a trip to Disney, or to meet a celebrity, but his request is simple- to get mail.  As a fellow mail lover I felt the need to participate.

So... I made him the cards below. They are made with love and I hope to make his 9th birthday the best ever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!!!!

Read his story here.

Send him a card:
Attention: Bubby Everson P.O. Box 1142Graham, WA 98338 

Make it spicy and with love,

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