Monday, January 12, 2015

Loved You Yesterday Sign

While I was aimlessly wandering around Michaels I found this DIY gallery kit.  
Michaels gets me in trouble because it's a 2 minute drive from my work.  Normally I am one of those people that eat at their desk because I'm too busy to take a break.  But I needed to get out of that environment so Michaels popped into my head.  Anyway, I was (sort of) in the market for some wall décor and this little kit appealed to me, plus it was 75% off.  Framed saying and encouragements are pretty pricey at home décor stores so I figured I’d kill two birds without going broke. One of the stones being my wall décor problem and the other is my addiction to DIY.

Feeling like a thrifty diva, I went to Goodwill and bought some frames. I used scrapbook paper as a border and centered them in the frame.  I measured side to side to make sure the saying was centered.  There were several quotes to choose from but I liked "Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have always will" the best.

Meet my lovely assistant Layla. She has been in our family for 6 months and loves following me around.  She always looks sad in pictures, but don't get the wrong idea she is very happy with us. 

Below is scrapbook paper that I decided to use as the border of the quote. I love how the gold contrasts with the black background on the saying. 

This was a super fun and easy project and I plan on making a several more framed signs.  There are a lot of free printable designs on pinterest that you can use to make something similar.

Make it spicy and with love,

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