Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses

Throwback Thursday is in full effect! I figured I’d do a  crafty version on a project I made pre blog. Can’t let a cute idea go to waste, right? Every good idea is worth sharing. 

When my boyfriend and I first moved in to our home in Texas we had a small housewarming party.  I decided to decorate with two of my favorite things wine (glasses) and chalkboard paint. Below is the outcome.

How to:
I taped a home shaped stencil to the center of the wine glass. To protect from overspray, I taped all exposed glass areas with blue painters tape. I sprayed the stencil with chalkboard spray paint to make the home design.   I went over the design 3-4 times letting it dry between each spray. Once it was the desired color I set it out to dry. After letting it set for a couple hours it’s ready for you to scribble away with chalk!  

Make it Spicy,

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