Monday, January 12, 2015

Loved You Yesterday Sign

While I was aimlessly wandering around Michaels I found this DIY gallery kit.  
Michaels gets me in trouble because it's a 2 minute drive from my work.  Normally I am one of those people that eat at their desk because I'm too busy to take a break.  But I needed to get out of that environment so Michaels popped into my head.  Anyway, I was (sort of) in the market for some wall décor and this little kit appealed to me, plus it was 75% off.  Framed saying and encouragements are pretty pricey at home décor stores so I figured I’d kill two birds without going broke. One of the stones being my wall décor problem and the other is my addiction to DIY.

Feeling like a thrifty diva, I went to Goodwill and bought some frames. I used scrapbook paper as a border and centered them in the frame.  I measured side to side to make sure the saying was centered.  There were several quotes to choose from but I liked "Loved you yesterday, love you still, always have always will" the best.

Meet my lovely assistant Layla. She has been in our family for 6 months and loves following me around.  She always looks sad in pictures, but don't get the wrong idea she is very happy with us. 

Below is scrapbook paper that I decided to use as the border of the quote. I love how the gold contrasts with the black background on the saying. 

This was a super fun and easy project and I plan on making a several more framed signs.  There are a lot of free printable designs on pinterest that you can use to make something similar.

Make it spicy and with love,

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses

Throwback Thursday is in full effect! I figured I’d do a  crafty version on a project I made pre blog. Can’t let a cute idea go to waste, right? Every good idea is worth sharing. 

When my boyfriend and I first moved in to our home in Texas we had a small housewarming party.  I decided to decorate with two of my favorite things wine (glasses) and chalkboard paint. Below is the outcome.

How to:
I taped a home shaped stencil to the center of the wine glass. To protect from overspray, I taped all exposed glass areas with blue painters tape. I sprayed the stencil with chalkboard spray paint to make the home design.   I went over the design 3-4 times letting it dry between each spray. Once it was the desired color I set it out to dry. After letting it set for a couple hours it’s ready for you to scribble away with chalk!  

Make it Spicy,

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Memory Box

2014 has come to an end and it's time for a fresh start.  This is the perfect time to make new goals, memories, and resolutions.  In July of 2014,  I started this blog on a whim and wasn't sure whether or not I would stick with it long term.  It's easy to start a project: as all of us know, it's even easier to give up and quit.  Don't get me wrong, I sometimes find myself tired of trying to edit the perfect photo or write the perfect sentence and want to throw my computer at the wall.  But you know what I'm not going to quit this blog... not this year anyway;)  Blogging gives me something to look forward to and it allows me to learn new things like HTML coding and how to paint furniture.  Even if I feel like nobody is reading I must push on... My new years resolution is to continue to grow TexMex Crafting.  I want to become more social, gain more readers, and most importantly write better content.  I hope you continue this journey with me or at least send me some good vibes.

Now on to this weeks project.  I have an awful memory and I forget things a lot.  I started having to write down notes in my phone to remind me of project ideas or the books I want to read.  While going through pintrest I saw the idea of making a memory box.  This memory box will be dedicated to me and Matt's events/memories of 2015.  We can stick movie stubs from date nights, cork screws from dinners, or even notes to one another.  On New Years Day 2016 we plan to open this box to look back on all the fun memories/events that happened over the year.

I used an old birchbox and scrapbook paper to create this. 

Sealed till next year with washi tape.

Hope that 2015 brings you love, laughter, and many happy memories!