Monday, December 8, 2014

5 Minute Nutcracker Wreath

Christmas is just around the corner I can’t believe it!  This year I de-cluttered some of my older Christmas decorations to make room for new decorations and crafts.  My Thanksgiving break consisted mainly that along with Christmas shopping.  I love nutcrackers and continue to decorate my mantel with them every year.  While I was at the dollar store this week, I found some mini nutcrackers and thought a frame wreath would be a great way to showcase them. 

-Frame 8 x 10 or larger
-2 small 4-6 inch nutcrackers
-Holiday ribbon
-Twine or wire for hanging
-glue gun

First step is to separate the frame from the backing and the glass.  I tightly wrapped the frame with burlap.  Try to make it as tight as possible. Once the frame is completely wrapped I secured burlap flap to the frame with glue.

The next step is to glue the nutcrackers to the burlap. 

I placed glue on the handle and the base of the nutcracker to make sure it was secure. Hold the nutcracker in place for about 2 minutes each.

I created a bow at the top using festive holiday ribbon and secured it to the frame with glue.  I tied twine to the top of the frame to secure it to the wall.  Now doesn’t that look festive!

 I love how this turned out and it as not time consuming at all.  

Make it Spicy,