Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween: Haunted Banner

I can’t believe this is the last week in October.  This month has gone by so quick.  I got a promotion at work so I have been working a lot of looong hours.  I can’t wait until November so things will slow down a bit and I can get more crafting done.  The projects I have been able to do this month have helped my stress level for sure.  Let me show you how to make one of those projects now.  Follow along as I teach you how to make a haunted banner. 

 You will need:
-A glue stick
-7 paper dollies
-7 Baking cups
-Adhesive letters
-7 Clothes pins
-Ribbon or twine depending on how you want to 
hang it. 
First, you will need to flatten the baking cups. I recommend leaving them in a book for a couple hours.  Center the baking cups to the middle of the dollie and glue it together.

The letters seemed a bit “blah” to me so I outlined them in black, purple, and orange. Once dry, I applied them to the center of the baking cups/ dollie. I alternated this process and color (of outline) for each letter.

Once glued the finish product will look like this. 

This idea is versatile and you can hang the banner verticle or horizontal depending on your space and needs. I’ll show you both ways.  The verticle banner is clothes pinned to the wide burlap ribbon.  I don't have a favorite way to hang it, I like them both ways.

I added a couple friends to hang across the twine.  

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Come back next week! 

Make it Spicy and haunted,