Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween: Haunted Banner

I can’t believe this is the last week in October.  This month has gone by so quick.  I got a promotion at work so I have been working a lot of looong hours.  I can’t wait until November so things will slow down a bit and I can get more crafting done.  The projects I have been able to do this month have helped my stress level for sure.  Let me show you how to make one of those projects now.  Follow along as I teach you how to make a haunted banner. 

 You will need:
-A glue stick
-7 paper dollies
-7 Baking cups
-Adhesive letters
-7 Clothes pins
-Ribbon or twine depending on how you want to 
hang it. 
First, you will need to flatten the baking cups. I recommend leaving them in a book for a couple hours.  Center the baking cups to the middle of the dollie and glue it together.

The letters seemed a bit “blah” to me so I outlined them in black, purple, and orange. Once dry, I applied them to the center of the baking cups/ dollie. I alternated this process and color (of outline) for each letter.

Once glued the finish product will look like this. 

This idea is versatile and you can hang the banner verticle or horizontal depending on your space and needs. I’ll show you both ways.  The verticle banner is clothes pinned to the wide burlap ribbon.  I don't have a favorite way to hang it, I like them both ways.

I added a couple friends to hang across the twine.  

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Come back next week! 

Make it Spicy and haunted,

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Walking Dead Watch Party

Happy Sunday, I hope you have been enjoying yourself this October.  I've been spending a lot of quality time wrapped in a blanket watching scary movies. Speaking of scary... one of my favorite shows Walking Dead started up two weeks ago and I hosted a small watching party. The menu included meatballs, chicken wings, and mac and cheese.  This was not a weight watchers meal by any means, but we enjoyed ourselves. 

What is a party without decorations?  “Those who arrive survive” is a saying from the show and was written on my chalkboard.  Nothing says rotting dead body better then a black crow. 

We finished off the night with some zombie zin and it wasn’t half bad.  I found this bottle at Kroger and was super excited. I can't wait to reuse the empty bottle.  If you don't have a Kroger near you, World Market also sells it along with other Halloween wines.


For dessert, we had dirt cups which is one of my favorite Halloween treats from my childhood. The quick and easy recipe is provided below.  

  • 1 pkg. (3.9 oz.) JELLO Chocolate Pudding (or spice it up with cookies and cream pudding or mounds flavor)
  • 2 cups cold milk
  • 2-3 oz COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, thawed
  • 15 OREO Cookies, finely crushed (about 1-1/4 cups), divided
  • 10 worm-shaped chewy fruit snacks
  1. In large bowl, add pudding mix and milk. Whisk together until completely blended. Let stand 5 min.
  2. In small dessert cups, spoon ¼ Cup of cookies & cream pudding into bottom
  3. Top pudding with layer of Oreo cookie crumbs
  4. Tops cookie crumbs with a layer of cool whip
  5. Add another ¼ Cup of pudding for next layer
  6. Top with another layer of cookie crumbs
  7. Refrigerate at least one hour.
  8. Top with gummi worms just before serving

For a lower calorie option click here. 
Make it spicy and Scary,

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Halloween: Handmade Decor Tour

Howdy, please come in... I'd like to show you some of my Halloween decorations I've made that are on display in my home. Some of these pieces have tutorials with links to those projects underneath the picture. Others are pre-blog, so I don't have any tutorials on those, but feel free to ask questions and I hope you enjoy.
Spider Wreath

I had the idea for this wreath in my mind for several months and I was excited to get this on my front door. The spiders and the "drapery" are from the dollar tree and the burlap ribbon is from Michael's last year. I wanted an elegant but scary wreath and I think this hits the mark. 

Decorated pickle jars

This is a very family friendly craft. I'd recommend you and your kiddos reuse pickle jars to create these gems. Mine are currently sitting on my window ledge on display.  But on Halloween I will place an electric candle in them and put them on my porch. See the tutorial here.

Spooky Boo Frame  

My boo frame was another easy project that I think adds some Halloween cheer to my home.  Just grab an old frame, scrapbook paper, and a pumpkin latte and CREATE. See my project here

Boo Wreath 

This project is one of my favorites. I've received many comments from friends as well as some features from fellow bloggers:). I currently have this hanging on my kitchen wall but originally made it to hang on my entryway door. The spider wreath mentioned in this post, took it's place and I'm glad I found a great way to use them both. See the tutorial here.

Halloween Decoupage Candle Stick Holders

This was my first decoupage craft but I see myself doing many, many more. These are currently sitting on my dinning room table and they look wonderful.  See my post here.

Vintage Pumpkin Door Hanger

This is a little obscure isn't it? I mean, why is a giant pumpkin sitting on a swing with a Victorian woman? A while back, there was an amazing scrapbook shop by my house with so many unique things there but it closed. This was one of the pages I bought there and decided to attach it to burlap to create this unique piece. Needless to say, this is a one of a kind piece (lol). 

Powered Mandrake

What would Halloween be without a Harry Potter reference? The label is slightly hidden but it states "powered mandrake". Mandrake is the screaming tree looking thing from the Harry Potter books. They use it in there spells any who, this is my take on it. 

Sunflower Candle Holders

I made these candle holders using dollar tree hurricane glasses.  The leaves and sunflowers are from there too. The top of the glass has burlap ribbon wrapped around it and the flowers are glued to the burlap. Leaves were then placed inside the glass along with the candles.  I like these because you can use them throughout fall.  

Hope you enjoyed my little tour! Have a wonderful fall, filled with love and laughter. 

Make it spicy,

Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween: Candle Stick Holders

No tricks all treats…

Well I caved in and bought mod podge for my Boo wreath project and decided to make a set of Halloween candle holders by decoupaging scrapbook paper and ribbon to the glass.  I’m a big fan of saving money so I used candle stick holders and glasses from the dollar tree and glued them together using E6000 glue. For a tutorial on how to do this see my cake stand project here. The concept is the same and can be repeated for several different projects. 

After my project was dry and ready to use, I candy corn as a filler for the candle. 

Make it Scary!

Gotta put these babies to use. Here is my dinning room table with my pumpkin centerpiece and DIY candle stick holders.

Fake birds need food too. 

I used to read a lot of scary stories when I was younger. Now they double as decor, oh how times have changed. 

Hope you enjoyed this simple and easy craft.  Come back soon. 

Make it spicy,

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