Monday, September 22, 2014

Custom Dog Mat Tutorial

This “dog mat project” was inspired by my newest dog Layla. Layla is a boxer and she drools a LOT while drinking water.  The water got everywhere and the rubber mat we had been using was not cutting it.  I saw a commercial for a new paint spray product on TV that was safe to use on rugs/fabrics.  After looking at two stores, I did not find that paint so I improvised. It's been two months since I made my mat and even after vacuuming, it's held up very well. I would not recommend washing it in a wash machine though. 

Here is what I used for this project:
Small entryway rug (from the Dollar Tree)
White paint (I used all purpose paint)
Sponge brush

Tip: The stencils I used were originally one big sheet. I cut them out individually so they would be easier to use. The paint I used for the paw print was actually a spray fabric paint. After trying it out, I hated it and ended up returning it and using an all purpose white paint for the rest of the project. 

Taping off and measuring the letters/design is the most challenging part of this project. I used a ruler and tape to make sure my design was straight and remained in place. Once the letters are taped down dab the white paint on the stencil. Overall, I think I did about 3-4 coats for each letter.  If you need to use a stencil twice; allow it to dry, that way you do not smudge the paint. 

Get creative and make your pup or kitty one.  Make sure to share your project with me and have fun!

Make it spicy, 

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