Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cake Stand: Easy as Uno, Dos, Tres

Making a cake stand is easy as uno, dos, tres
I saw several posts on pinterest on how easy it is to make a cake stand using plates and candlestick holders. I wanted to test it out myself to test the durability. It would be pretty embarrassing to have a cake fall off the stand in the middle of dinner or a party. 

I bought these plates and candle sticks from the goodwill. In total I spent around $4.87.  

I bought the smaller plate on the left to use as a candy dish/candle holder/cupcake stand. I liked the saying "always blessed, ever thankful" on the big plate. I'm going to use this plate as a gift for mothers day or as a thank you and fill it with treats. 

    The glue they recommend is e6000, it dries clear, and the bond is unbelievable. 

Before glueing the pieces together, I added a couple of beads to add a little something extra inside the candlestick holder. Just make sure that you do not add too many beads, this could make it hard to glue if the beads are spilling out the top. I applied glue around the outside edge of the candlestick holder and glued the two pieces together. Set aside for drying.


I let the glue set for 48 hours, as recommended on the back of the packaging. I tested the bond by trying to separated the pieces (after recommend dry time). My Heman strength could not pull them apart.

Tip: When glueing the two pieces together use a cotton swab to clean the glue thats spills out the sides. This will prevent you seeing globs of glue when it dries. 

I think it would be a cute idea to have a “cake stand party”. There are so many options other then just “glueing the pieces together”. You could paint the candlestick holder or even wrap it with ribbon or twine.  Or the old go to “bedazzle it”.  While the stand is drying make some baked goods to show off your new project and look like a Martha Stewart.  

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